3 keys to improve sales strategies

Sales sustain a business. And we know that the greater the number of sales, the greater the growth of our company. For this reason, it is extremely important to have established sales strategies that are appropriate for our business and our target audience.

How can we improve sales strategies? How to make the strategies effective and contribute to the completion of a purchase? There are many alternatives as followed by Tajarat properties. In this post, we are going to propose you 3 keys to achieve it.

Presence in social networks

Having a presence in social networks for today’s market is essential. In social networks we can promote our brand on a daily basis and at very low costs.

From social media accounts you can run contests, trivia, surveys, etc., and that generates a lot of interactions between users. These interactions make our contents “move”, that is, they are shared, they go viral. All this benefits the recognition of our brand, our products, and can have a positive impact on sales.

Presence in search engines

The presence in the search engines is also very important. That someone, when writing a keyword associated with our company in a search engine, finds our business among the first results, is very important.

This fact helps our name to be associated with a certain product, and also that it generates confidence in the potential client since they can access business information, know it and investigate it from the comfort of their device or computer.

A very important issue to contribute to the presence in search engines is the content. It is necessary to create content regularly and keep our website updated. In this way, we are more likely to position ourselves and reach more people.

Long-term goal planning

Our last recommendation, and perhaps the most important, has to do with setting long-term goals. When we talk about objectives, we refer to the general objectives of our company, about growth, sales, production, the desired expansion, the market territory, the exploration of new markets, etc.

If our long-term goals are clear, the way to reach them is easier, because we know what and how. What do we want to do, and how should we do it. Having a clear planning helps us to mentalize ourselves in those objectives that were consciously thought, to work for them and not to deviate on that path.

In a business, sales should always be an axis of motivation, therefore, when planning objectives, sales strategies cannot be left out.

From all the above, we can say that it is always possible to improve and increase sales. (You may also be interested in sales) We must test which strategies work best for our business and focus on them. These three keys that we exposed are very important for any business, applied to the particularities of each one.

Selling and generating income implies that someone is needing exactly what you offer as your product or service. And best of all, he is willing to pay a price for what you sell.

This is great, but it has a process. This process must be carried out with strategy, because imagine. All companies have to sell, and within these is also your competition, so they will be in a constant bid of who sells more, and which is the company that implements the best strategies to sell.

Well then, you are here because you want to improve your sales strategies and we, as Drew Marketing, will help you with this article so you can start thinking about where you should put your efforts in both time and money.

5 strategies that really work

It’s all about the sales funnel, and this is super tied to the Customer Recognition, Consideration and Decision phases, which you can see in depth here.

1. Influencer Marketing.

It is what today is having results, and do you know why? Because people follow other people with whom they feel identified, which generates an immediate connection with the product or service that their influencer uses / consumes.

Of course, you must choose well within your marketing plan if you need an influencer in your plan and if so, who? Not just any style is for any product, a prior analysis of for example is required:

  • What are the characteristics of the public that follows you?
  • Does it match your buyer persona?
  • Do you think it will be a good brand ambassador?

2. Sell yourself, then your product / service.

Do you have a product or service? Sure, that’s why you are here, but before selling it you should know and be aware that you are the first to “sell” yourself, and by this I do not mean a super, complete and shiny resume (Curriculum Vitae), but to position yourself as an expert, as someone who knows and knows what he sells.

In this way, you will create an almost spontaneous bond with the person who is listening to you. Why? Because you are a benchmark on the subject, a genius in your industry. How not to trust you? And this is how you can earn trust so that they can buy from you only once and then it is up to your company and you, of course to maintain this relationship.

3. Create desire through profit.

This point is important to take into account, you should not sell prices, nor with what your competition does wrong, you must sell a reason to buy from you, to place yourself in this, I recommend that you consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Who are your buyers? (Define buyer personas).
  • What need does your product / service fulfill?
  • Why is your product better than the rest of the market?
  • What added value does your product / service have?

Once these questions are answered, you will be able to have arguments and support to show that your product or service is the right one for your client.

4. Selling must be a “win-win”

Imagine that I sell you something that you do not need, nor will you need the rest of your life. I assure you that in a few days you will realize this, and … will you buy from me again? Will you recommend me to your friends?

But of course not! You will never trust what I tell you again. And that’s because trust has been broken and to heal it again is almost impossible, and it was a “win-I don’t care.”

On the other hand, the sale must always, ALWAYS, be a win-win for both parties, keep in mind that later your consumer will talk with his environment to tell him what he has bought, at what price, conditions, and other details.

And if when is talking, he realizes that you have advised him well because in front of his friends / acquaintances he has not been like a person who has scammed him, he will trust you.

Therefore, always remember (I repeat): The sale must be “win-win” and thus you will begin to improve sales strategies.

5. To close more sales, you have to stop “selling.”

It seems ironic, doesn’t it? Yes, but that’s the way it is, one of the strategies to increase sales is not to sell, that is, let it flow. If your client is there with you on the phone or in a meeting, think that it is because they are interested, you do not need to be super nice and other extreme cordialities.

Always keep in mind that if you have a product / service, they should come to buy you, not you chase them, that’s what our methodology is about.

3 quick steps to generate more sales through social networks

There are people who believe that social networks are just a hobby, a means to be in contact with those friends or relatives who live far from us, to see “what is happening” and nothing more. But not.

Social networks can be used for that purpose, yes, but if we have a business and we want to increase sales we can make the most of social networks and turn them into a great channel to generate sales and activate income.

But now, the question we ask ourselves is how can we use social media to generate more sales in our business? Here we propose a list of strategies to be able to use the networks to encourage your clients and potential clients to generate sales in your business.

Profiles Whether we have accounts in more than one social network, or if many people manage the networks of the same business, it is necessary that there be defined criteria on certain issues: style of the language in the publications, schedules, format of the images that are shared, keywords, etc.

This attitude generates trust in the virtual community, that is to say, it gives indications that they are profiles of a serious company, which has coherence in what it communicates and correspondence between all the profiles of the different networks.

Careful! Do not confuse standardizing with publishing exactly the same thing on all networks. What does this mean? Each network handles a type of language that identifies it. A Facebook post is not the same as a Tweet on the bird’s network, or a post on Instagram.

Fast and personalized attention. We all like to feel special. When we reply to comments or messages in our company accounts, the ideal is that we do it quickly, without that potential client having to wait more than 15 minutes for their response. This indicates to people that they are important to us and that is why we don’t want to keep them waiting. Personalizing our answers is undoubtedly a plus. Write a name, distinguish with the words a young person or an adult, a man or a woman.

A personalized response gives the audience the feeling that these lines were formulated especially for him or her, at that time, by a natural person and is not an automatic response.

Be promoters of the opinions of our clients. When a happy and satisfied customer leaves us a comment or an opinion with a positive rating, shares photos or videos with our product, we must make it viral: share, retweet, like, put heart, make repost, etc.

Sharing those genuine expressions that come from people who have purchased our product and who are outside our business is highly valid for others, that is, for potential customers. Nothing more real and faithful, than the opinion of a client.

It should also be noted that in addition to the value that this opinion can have for potential clients, it also has great value for the person who has written it. The fact that his words go viral is going to make him feel heard, taken into account, in short, to fulfill his objective.

Nowadays, park view city ally themself with social networks. They are not the only means or channel to get new customers, of course not, but they help a lot.

Interactions on this type of platform take place in real time, between real people, therefore the possibilities of interacting at the right time with that person who is thinking about a purchase is key. In addition, it undoubtedly serves to retain those who are already customers.