8 keys to sell your apartment

Do you want to know how to sell an apartment successfully? You have already decided to sell an apartment and you have doubts about the process: the paperwork, the previous steps, how to face the sale … Don’t worry anymore! In this article, from Sky Marketing we give you some tips so that you know how to sell an apartment and that it is a fast process and without delays.

Can I sell my apartment if it is rented?

Currently, it is totally legal to sell an apartment with consultation and there are several ways to proceed to do so.

You must bear in mind that the Law grants your tenant a preferential acquisition right. This means that the tenant has the privilege of another buyer to acquire the property. This privilege is limited to having priority but does not translate into preferential conditions in terms of price and other conditions of sale agreed with the interested third party. This general right is established in art. 25 of the Urban Leasing Law and are summarized in the rights of first refusal and withdrawal.

The other scenario is to sell the apartment with tenants for rent and to continue the lease previously agreed with the new owner. This can happen in cases in which the buyer is an investor who seeks profitability and does not buy it to inhabit it. In this case, the lease can be an advantage, because it would start to pay off quickly at the time of purchase.

Steps to sell an apartment

Have a list of documents ready

  • National Identity Document (DNI) in force of the owner of the property.
  • Simple registry note , which shows that the seller is the owner of the property. This document is also proof of the burdens on the home, such as a mortgage or a foreclosure.
  • The last receipt of the IBI (Real Estate Tax  ).
  • Certificate of solvency with the community of owners, which shows that it does not have debts with the community.
  • Energy certificate.
  • The plans of the house and the statutes of the community of owners. These can be requested by the buyer in the event that he or she proceeds to apply for a mortgage.
  • Photocopy of the previous deed of sale of the property.

Carry out the valuation of the apartment and set the price

You immediately think about how to sell an apartment, probably one of the first things that comes to mind is how much they can sell it for. To simplify the apartment valuation process, in many web portals you can estimate the value of your property. In a few seconds, information such as minimum and maximum sale price. DE place’s advice is to adjust the price according to the activity you have from the buyers.

If the media receives six visits a month and / or six purchase offers, it is a sign that the apartment has been offered at an appropriate price. Good advice? Never put your apartment up for sale at the highest price in the area, that only helps your neighbor sell theirs faster.

Calculate the total costs of the sale

It is important to note that having sold an apartment at a certain price does not mean that that amount enters your coffers. You must bear in mind certain costs, such as:

  • Costs and expenses of cancellation or subrogation of mortgage. You need to check the conditions of the mortgage. In particular, it is necessary to inquire about the commissions of cancellation or early amortization of the mortgage. You should also consider the possibility of subrogation of the mortgage of your apartment.
  • The commission for the sale of the Real Estate Agency. With Deplace this does not happen because from the first moment you know what the fixed sale price is.
  • Tax Costs.
  • Other expenses. Such as advertisements, attorney’s fees, payment of services, agency, registry, notaries, repairs and redecoration of the apartment, etc.

These are some of the most important extra costs derived from the sale. However, you will have to take into account all those that affect you.

Prepare your floor

This is a key point in making a quick and successful sale. It is estimated that already in the first minute, the buyer has decided whether he likes the property or not. In such a way that you must work hard to conquer with that first impression.

Tidy up and clean thoroughly, in addition to repairing everything in sight. Keep in mind that dozens of buyers will visit the apartment and compare it with the state in which they have found other properties for sale . The purchase criterion that is logical to follow when faced with similar offers is, without a doubt, the condition and image of the apartment.

Cleaning is not enough, you must also depersonalize the property as much as possible, get rid of the photographs, collections and all the elements that make the apartment “your space”. By neutralizing the apartment, the future buyer can “imagine” living there.

Order photos with a professional and write the ad

For the ad to be flawless you will need professional photographs. It may seem frivolous to you, but it is not. The image is what leads potential buyers to make a first selection of the apartments that interest them, and the quality of your ad can be the difference between selling and not selling. A detailed description of the strengths of both the apartment and the town where the property is located should be made in the advertisement.

At Deplace this is not an extra expense, since we are the ones who prepare the ad and take the best photographs of your website.

Post the ad

For this you have numerous online real estate portals. Most platforms allow you to continue editing your ad, upload new photos and add additional information such as the floor plan.

Prepare visits

Plan visits. Be proud of the property. Don’t be tempted to apologize for what you consider to be a defect in their home. Prepare your speech in advance to show the floor. It includes information on the advantages of the urbanization or the area, be it location, entertainment centers or the school.

Seek advice before signing

When you have a purchase offer, seek advice. It is highly recommended that the deposit contract be done with supervision. These days, you have many ways to get advice or seek advice on how to sell an apartment.

At Deplace we offer you all the advice you need from the first moment. In this way you will not have to worry about how to sell your apartment, but about the benefit that you will receive after its sale. Contact us and find out!