How I can sell my house?

The expansion of new technologies has left several lessons to the business world, being a central point of the sector that remains outside the deep transformation imposed by the digitalization of the market.

This digital revolution has greatly penetrated users, who are already used to stop depending on an intermediary, betting on the use of other business models. Thus, the offer of solutions adapted to the new lifestyle prevails.

Typical examples of the impact of digitization in the business world are the cases of the traditional press, and taxi or hotel services, among others. In these last two cases, the creation of a simple application has worked to put in “check” activities in which it seemed that almost nothing moved for centuries.

The real estate sector does not escape the trend of «Uberization» , and has successfully started its reconfiguration in the service offer. Online real estate agencies offer to sell your house with greater speed, simplicity and transparency, adapting to the needs of users in these new times.

At Sky Marketing we not only help you sell your house online, in this article we tell you how to sell your house online.

How to sell my house online?

Through the use of the digital platform, which the online real estate agency has for this purpose. Here it is accessed through Deplace, and it is quick, easy and convenient.

The use of the platform allows real estate sellers 24-hour access to their profile and adjust details in their ads, update their availability to attend visits, publish new photographs, and to track the statistics of their ads, manage offers received. We also offer you the possibility of giving you advice so that you can make the best purchase decision.

Key points to sell my house quickly

A common question homeowner ask is “How can I sell my home successfully?” Given that the real estate offer is huge and the competition brutal, when selling your house, you must bear in mind several aspects.

Good ads

It is important to design good sales announcements. The photographs must have good lighting, be well focused and look cozy. Forget photographing with your mobile phone.

The images must go through all the rooms of the house. There is the option of hiring a “home staging ” to help you highlight the greatest attractions of your property, this seeking to improve the first impression of a home for sale or rent.

Detailed description of the property

Exactly describe the property, focusing on the advantages it offers as a complement to the photos. You have to try to attract buyers.

In this description you can include if the space is ideal for families, describe what you like about the area, for example, a quiet neighborhood, a lot of vegetation. You should also indicate the characteristics that make it special. For example, the lighting that it has at sunset, the view from its windows etc. It is crucial to take care of the spelling and expression.

Fair price

It is important to be correct in the allocation of the price. Price is the main determining factor in the minds of buyers. And it has a lot of weight when potential buyers decide to arrange a visit. It should not be very high, nor be below the prices in the area.

It is important to bear in mind that the price of a home does not only depend on the number of rooms, the m2 of surface, the good condition of its structure, the amenities it has, among others. The area and the moment in which the market is located are determining variables in the equation. You can find some tips here on how to find out how much your house is worth.

Think about the details

As we have pointed out, the first impression that the potential buyer takes is your best opportunity to sell your house.

It is important that you keep the house in perfect order. That you have from the beginning the complete documentation for the time of the sale, among these include the deed, simple note from the Property Registry, appraisal, last receipts of payment from the community of neighbors and the IBI .

You must prepare a script for the guided tour that you will do with potential buyers and, finally, it is very important that you have prepared a negotiation margin for the sale.

To answer the question of how to sell my house, keep in mind that online real estate is a powerful option to sell quickly and with lower commission costs. At Deplace you will find the best expert advice with a fixed commission and only per sale.

At Deplace we help you throughout the entire sales process. Contact us and find out all we can offer you!