Inbound Sales

Everything changed, don’t you think? Now they, the buyers, have power.

Traditional sales no longer work.

Before, not everyone could be a seller, and you know what I mean. Generally, the person with the most communication skills was the one who best achieved their sales goals. It is not like this?

Today, this has changed a bit (and quite a bit). With access to information from buyers now in power they have it, they already know many (and almost all) of the characteristics, and I can assure you that they know it VERY well.

They also know its benefits, its advantages and disadvantages. And you may not believe it, but the vast majority already know the price not only of your company, but of your competition.

To better graph this we will put an example.

Buying a car:

Before Present

The seller explained the characteristics of the vehicle. The buyer already knows the characteristics, and even knows others that the seller did not know.

The seller explained the benefits of one or the other model. The buyer found out the differences, understands what benefits he needs, and what is the best option for him.

The seller advised on the price, financing and other issues.

The buyer already knows its price, and even of other competitors. (And even the price at which it should be sold).

Inbound Sales Process

Inbound sales are born from this paradigm shift in the way of buying. As we well exemplified before, today the power is held by the buyer, not the seller. There is no longer the phrase “I am not selling you because I do not want to”, today it is “Please buy me”. True?

The competition is becoming more aggressive, the media are increasing and the barriers to reaching the consumer are also increasing. (Check What is the GDPR?).

We rely more than anything on the buyer, the client and their interests, their problems. Therefore, the previous graph is divided into two three parts:

– Sales stages (Identify, connect, explore, advise).

– Sales cycle (Strangers, potentials, qualified potentials, opportunities, clients).

– Stages of the buyer (Discovery, consideration and decision). You can see more here.


Most buyers are already in the consideration stage of their buying journey before speaking to sellers, as they have done their own research.

As a seller, first focus on buyers who are active, who recently visited your website, filled out a form, or opened an email from a seller.

Talk to clients who fit perfectly into your fit matrix, request presentations on LinkedIn and set up Google alerts to track key events that should interest you, that is, new hires, companies looking for new investments, expanding businesses, or certain leads according to your industry.


Your sales message should be tailored to the buyer’s situation, not yours. This context could be the industry, role, interests, common connections you have with the buyer, etc.

A well-developed buyer persona will help you understand the pain they are seeking to solve. Each person has a particular way of building a relationship, along with different habits.

Most of these buyers are also in the consideration stage of their buying journey, so your sales goal is to educate them about the problem or opportunity rather than selling your solution. You must be prepared to nurture them throughout the sales funnel.

To explore

Lead an exploratory conversation with your prospect to fully understand their challenges, what the consequences of failure are, and what solutions exist.

Your sales goal is to position how your solution can help and at the same time understand how the prospect will finance and manage any solution to assess whether this prospect would be a good fit for your company.


Current salespeople must advise prospective clients on what would be the best decision to address challenges in the buyer’s context. A sales prospect will want to be sure that your solution demonstrates a solid understanding of their company, industry, and specific needs.

Now is the time to come up with a custom proposal that connects the potential goals and challenges of your offering and shows exactly how they will benefit from your service / product.

Stop selling. Start advising.


You have an incredible number of people interested in your product or service. And you should know that they are already interested, therefore stop selling, you have to start helping.


For this, it is super important to know these topics:

  • Buyer’s Journey or Buyer’s Journey.
  • CRM, what is it and what is it for?

How do you think it will affect your next purchase if a seller becomes your purchase advisor?

You would feel very comfortable, it would help you in your process, and not all about money to sell more, but to help you, so that it is useful to you.

Keys to sell more and better in your business.

How can I do to generate more and better sales in my business? How to increase my sales and income? What are the best sales for my business? (Take into account the business plan)

Anyone who owns a business has ever asked all these questions, and many times, spends too much time asking them, trying to think what the key is to increase their sales more and more.

The problem is that our business cannot wait (And neither does profitability), because if sales drop, so does our business. Today we present a series of tips to keep in mind to sell more and better in your business.

The main key is in the client. A company must always be focused on the customer and potential customers. What does it mean? It means that we must always be aware of what the demands of our target audience are.

Every company must necessarily have a definition of the characteristics of its potential client: age range, sex, social class, sector or sector, etc. If we know who we are dealing with and who we are targeting, sales are more possible to achieve.

It is important to note that the market and the ways of selling and buying vary constantly, and as a company we cannot be oblivious to that. You have to always stay informed and attentive.

The attention to our customer should be personalized, we must offer a sales service quality. The customer must feel important and pampering throughout their purchase process. We must excel as a company at all times, not just during a sale.

Services pre- and post-sale must be of equal or better quality. This attitude generates trust in people, gives us credibility as a real estate company Tajarat properties.

In the pre-sale service, the ideal is to inform, remove all doubts from the person, show all the characteristics of the product, be friendly but without being insistent. As for after-sales service, it is a very sensitive issue, and you must always be alert.

If someone purchases our product and has a problem or failure, our response must be immediate, or as quickly as possible. We must provide a solution that satisfies the customer and generates a positive image in him so that in the future he does not hesitate to buy our products again.

From the above, it is clear the importance of having our customer service staff always trained. If our salespeople know about the company, the products, the customers and the best way to reach them, the success of the sales is almost a fact.

Another issue to highlight is that, in addition to the quality of care and service, our product for sale must be at the same level. What we offer for sale must always be of the best quality, since ultimately it is for this reason that the client approaches our business at first.

Finally, remember that the best sales we can generate for our business are sales to loyal customers that we know we will keep over time, because we have already done a good job of loyalty, and we continue to maintain it.

A loyal customer gives us stability as a company. We know that we have a certain amount of “assured” sales within a period of time because there are those who are only going to buy from us and would not resort to the competition.

Selling more and better is always possible if we want to.

Key elements to improve sales strategies.

How to improve sales strategies? I think this should be a question that an entrepreneur who thinks big, who wants to grow and who knows that he can achieve it, that he can be more every day, constantly asks himself.

And it is so, for our sales strategies to work, and cause effective increases in income, we must be thinking all the time about improving every day, in what else we can offer that client or potential client so that they choose us and not the competition.

I believe that we must always be ambitious in a fair measure, because when we adopt that attitude, nothing slows us down! Of course, thinking of ambition as a positive attitude, and not in a pejorative sense.

To think that we are ambitious because we want to lead our market to offer quality and have happy customers. And all this is achieved when a company has strategies thought through, studied, investigated, tested, and so on.

So, if it is about improving sales strategies (See more about Inbound Sales here), the key is, precisely, to always be there, attentive, investigating, listening, recognizing the needs of clients and potential clients, and, why not, looking for new markets.

This is precisely where our attitude of ambition is. We always want to go a little further because we are aware of those clients and potential clients who, faced with so many offers, are looking for the best option.

And this is where the efficiency of the sales strategies we are using comes into play. Are they enough? Do they work? Do they give the desired results? Are they competent for today’s market? And so, we can list a lot more questions to evaluate existing strategies.

Based on all the above, I propose a series of actions that can be put into practice so that our sales strategies are always at the top and are appropriate for our business and for the context in which it operates.

  • Innovate, always be aware to offer the latest in our field.
  • Incorporate more variety of products in the field.
  • Be aware of the potential client, provide quality advice and good treatment.
  • Build customer loyalty, keep them happy.
  • Offer product quality assurance.

Have happy employees who are committed to the company, so that they give their best to customers.

Have active social media profiles like blue world city Islamabad where customers express their experiences for other people to see and trust the business more.

In the business world, it scales. Little by little, knowing the business and knowing the context, the sales and income objectives are met and, almost always, they are exceeded. It all depends on the attitude, the desire and the dedication. Let’s always think about being a little further.