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The personal and professional life of real estate on Instagram

Personal profile and / or professional profile? The public exposure of a person unites his personal life with the professional. This is how 2 of the real estate professionals of blue world city Islamabad bring together more people around their main social network: Instagram.

PM- It is something generational, I belong to the millennial generation; We began to contact through social networks and Instagram began to become fashionable.

On a professional level, I consider it to be a fundamental tool for the development of my personal branding.

Inmoblog – You identify yourself as a Real Estate Expert, but add other vital questions, where are you from, what team do you train for, what do you read, … What are you pursuing with your presence on Instagram?

PM- That they see me as a person, differentiating me from the bad image of real estate of yesteryear.

Show me as the son, brother, uncle, friend, …, showing me who I am, showing my face, so that whoever sees me can be calm with me if they need me to help them carry out an operation as complex as that of the real estate sale. Be it now in the future, for themselves or for their acquaintances.

I am a person who likes spirituality, sports, reading, the beach, … and that is how I show myself on the networks.

What advice would you give to other real estate agents?

Personal life should not be separated from professional life. There are those who post exclusively professional information, such as news and housing advertisements.

People like to be entertained as well as inform themselves. Well, you have to offer that entertainment, do surveys of the best restaurants in the area, of the series that you like the most, in short, it is about putting things in common with other people.

It is a good way to stay in touch with previous clients, to stay in touch with your sphere of contacts, to empathize and create a community close to you and your interests.

On your profile you have more than twice the number of followers of the brand you represent. Above 4000 people. Why is this so?

PM- In the United States, which are ahead, there are studies that show that people trust people , not so much companies.

You have to promote personal branding. This business is based on lead generation.

From my area, there are many people who know me and with whom I have a relationship through Instagram. Thus, there can be situations in which in a group of people, there is someone who needs a real estate advisor, and one of those who know me indicates that they can count on me.

It is a good way to create authority and notoriety, both in your area and in the sector, so that they can recommend, refer and hire you.

Is there a strategy behind the posts or do you leave it to improvisation and the mood?

PM- Companies that are dedicated to digital marketing, digitization and community managers, tell you that you have to have an established plan.

My plan is to follow a golden rule, which is the desire to share and contribute something to my community. If I force myself to post, the results are worse, it doesn’t come naturally.

Do you use other networks (FB, Lk) and send different messages?

PM- For 2 years we have been working with an expert, a brand manager , known because she is the daughter of a client. We follow a specific plan in the company, on Facebook but above all with a pattern on Instagram.

Are professional contacts generated from Instagram?

PM- At the corporate level, the contacts generated are cold, which must be tempered, explaining the steps that are followed in the process.

On the other hand, personal contact goes directly to listening to you , he is interested in you explaining how you work because he has already seen who you are.

Any anecdote or especially relevant publication?

PM- The more humble you are, the more options you will have to reach people. One post that had a huge impact was one in which I opened up so much, after a trip to Thailand to find myself, talking about mistakes in previous relationships.

Do not keep anything to yourself, do not think about what others think, be transparent, it is something that people love, feeling that you have the same problems as them.

How do you see the trend in social communication?

PM- This has come to stay, although it is being renewed. When you are going to carry out any activity, the first thing you do is Google (consult online search engines).

I have requested a report on my social activity on the internet and seeing the results gives peace of mind, because anyone who looks for me will see the type of person I am and the security I offer.

On one occasion I received a bad comment and it was my own followers who defended me, to the point that that person reconsidered that opinion.

Instagram and TikTok are going to stick around because people are looking for entertainment and relationships. If you offer that, good contacts will come.

It is the future, the generation that uses these networks massively, in a few years it will be the consumers and those who demand our professional services.

You identify yourself as a real estate advisor What does the real estate agent pursue with his presence on Instagram?

AR ⁃ Each one has different objectives. My big question at the beginning was if I had to create a company profile apart from my personal profile.

I spent a lot of time thinking, I changed my mind every day. But in the end I decided to unite my personal life with my professional one.

I think my friends like to know what I do and have a close person who can help them find a home or give some advice.

On the other hand, I also like my clients to see how I really am, where I go on vacation and what I do in my free time. I just try to be creative and reflect my personality and professionalism on the networks.

On your profile you have 10x followers than the brand you represent. Why this difference? What interests you? What do your contacts expect from you?

AR ⁃ Well over half the followers I have generated thanks to my personal profile. Now I honestly focus more on the quality of my posts rather than the number of followers.

Due to so much information on the networks today, when I publish I think about surprising my followers, being creative and generating interesting content. I think people expect fresh, easy to understand and useful content.

I could not compare my account to that of my company because they are different profiles, with different traffic goals and different publications.

Is there a strategy behind the posts or does improvisation and mood prevail ?

I honestly more than having a strategy I have my rules.

Sometimes I don’t have time to be consistent or I change the format of posts but I try not to break my rules.

Some of them are: not commenting on issues such as politics or football, not criticizing the competition or colleagues from other real estate companies or sectors, being as creative as possible, etc.

Do you use other networks (FB, Lk) and send different messages?

It may be just my impression, but it seems to me that Facebook has already lived its best years.

If it weren’t for the fact that you are forced to advertise through Facebook, it would be of little use to me at a professional level.

Likewise, in the networks I use, I try to transmit the same message, to be transversal. The only thing is that maybe on LinkedIn I share my personal life less.

Advanced Digital Marketing: artificial intelligence and attribution reports

Skill Up is the HubSpot podcast. Collect stories and practical examples to learn different skills (skills) in marketing, sales and customer service.

In each episode the ways to improve professional skills are analyzed , with real examples of companies and professionals, who seek to grow their businesses.

In the second season, advanced digital marketing techniques are analyzed for companies that already have a strategic online base:

  • maintain a web page,
  • generate their own content to inform their audience,
  • publish content on blogs and

They have channels on social networks.

But what are they wondering, now what?


Artificial intelligence in marketing uses techniques to suggest products of interest to consumers, based on previous search and purchase guidelines, as Amazon does by suggesting articles that the user has visited or that other users with similar interests have purchased.

Machine learning or automatic learning is the application of logarithms to find patterns in a data set and make predictions.

Voice assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, are trained to answer conversational questions, learning how the user acts when faced with their answers.

In real estate, companies like Tajarat properties can interact with their prospects using artificial intelligence. The life cycle of a home buyer is so long, that it requires communications prepared to respond to the queries of each phase (recognition, consideration, decision) and accompanying them in their process, so that they can advance with the help of the real estate expert, overcoming doubts and obstacles.

The objective is to always remain available so that the consumer can contact us, as specialists in solving their problems.

Artificial intelligence helps in the personalization of content, the debugging of the contact database ( lead scoring ), or the sending of communications at the right time.

In the attraction and conversion of contacts, chatbots are gaining ground , to interact with contacts in the initial phases of their customer journey. The automatic maturation process makes each contact segmented and ready for the next communication and / or action.

Machines help us with tasks that are not of value, so that the human has more time for other higher-level activities, such as personal interaction.

Robots can execute tasks systematically, because they are programmed to do so, ensuring continuity of activity.


Beyond measuring marketing investment versus sales, measuring marketing performance means identifying which channels work best for your business.

What is the return on investment in each marketing campaign?

Has the sales team managed to close deals with the leads generated by marketing?

Half of the sales teams want to improve the sales funnel so that the conversion rates are higher.

Attribution reports allow you to analyze how marketing campaigns influence revenue, user interactions with the brand and online channels, until you become a customer.

They help to identify which actions are the most favorable to help users continue with their purchase process and decide to hire the solution you propose.

When investing in several channels (search engines, social networks), the cost per lead of each of them and the conversion percentage of each phase of the sales funnel ( MQL, SQL ) must be analyzed to determine the quality of each campaign .