What to do if I need to sell my house urgently

If you are reading this article, you may be wondering if it is possible to sell your house in record time. The answer is that a quick sale, in these times, depends on several factors. Some are in your hands, but others are not. From Sky Marketing we show you 6 tricks if you need to sell your house urgently.

Prepare the list of documents

If I need to sell my house urgently, this is the first step. Although it seems obvious, in practice it is not so obvious, since many owners wait for the potential buyer or the notary to request some documentation to manage it, and that takes time. The precious time you are aiming to save!

The documents that you will always have to have ready are:

  • National Identity Document (DNI) in force of the owner (or owners) of the property.
  • The simple note of the land registry. This document is important because: it proves who owns the property; and it proves the charges that weigh on the property, for example mortgage or embargo.
  • Photocopy of the previous purchase and sale document of the property.
  • Home appraisal. For this you can take advantage of different references on web portals.
  • The last receipt of the IBI (Real Estate Tax).
  • certificate of solvency with the community of owners, which shows that you do not have debts with the community, which includes the water service.
  • Certificate of habitability and energy certificate.
  • The plans of the house.
  • The statutes of the community of owners.

Deciding the price: to repair or not to repair … that’s the dilemma

Whether you follow the advice of real estate experts, or you are the one who does the field research to assign the sale price, you should know that the location of the home in a certain neighborhood determines the price per square meter, but that this price is nuanced by recent improvements and reforms that revalue the house.

There are many sellers who hesitate to make improvements before putting the apartment up for sale. Two considerations weigh in on this decision:

  1. Avoid spending.
  2. The belief that the buyer will prefer to settle in and make changes to their liking.

In general, buyers rarely want a home to repair, and if that were the case, they would be willing to pay the lowest prices on the market. Most want houses ready to move in, without more.

Therefore, no matter how well the property is, you must review the home with a critical eye and make a list of damages to be repaired. Even if you don’t undertake a major renovation, you will always want to repair cracks, moisture stains and leaky keys.

In the electrical system, check the plugs. Install bulbs in all your lamps. Pay special attention to the bathroom. Do not forget that there is a special paint to renovate tiles. If the shower screens are visibly deteriorated, consider removing them and putting on shower curtains, which lighten and expand the space. New towels for the bathroom.

In the kitchen, consider changing the cabinet handles, it is a small change that can improve its appearance. Clear the countertops. If your kitchen countertop is worn, it will be difficult for you to find a buyer quickly. Do you need to change the tap?

On the facade, look at the house from the outside. The first impression is defining and a small investment in landscaping in the garden can make all the difference. Some experts estimate that, in the case of minor repairs, an investment of 1,000 euros can mean a difference in the sale price of up to 6,000 euros. Also, as I need to sell my house urgently, these changes will help me.

Tidy and clean

The maxim to follow is that the buyer who visits the home can imagine himself inhabiting that space. You should not expect the buyer to go to great lengths to imagine the potential of each room, you should make it easy for them. The slogans to adhere to if I need to sell my urgent house are three:

  1. Ruthlessly depersonalize.
  2. Clear each room as much as possible.
  3. Sort, sort and sort.

Keep in mind that many houses lose the battle due to the number of accumulated objects. Owners, who have become accustomed to them, fail to notice the sense of disorder they bring, or how they damage the environment, but the potential buyer will.

Eliminate all family photos, collections, shoe piles, everything inherent in your hobbies. For no reason forget the cabinets. Potential buyers will open the doors! Can you imagine a pile of things falling down? If you plan to order by cramming the cabinets, you have not understood that the slogan is to disappear everything that is not essential. Buyers will inspect every corner, everything inside the cabinets must be perfectly folded.

Once the house has been emptied of what is expendable, it remains to be cleaned. Cleaning must be done thoroughly. It is only acceptable if it is immaculate, as any trace of dirt can destroy the good impression we want to achieve on potential buyers.

Setting the stage: The ‘home staging’

Just as excesses age and darken the rooms, empty houses prevent us from having reference to the size of the rooms and that is not appropriate either. The “home staging” is a practice that allows to optimize the image of the house for sale. In the same way that a store window is decisive in the commercialization of objects, the same happens with real estate. You must understand that your house is no longer your home, it is only a commercial space if what you need is to sell your house urgently.

The changes include from the selection of the furniture that remains, from among those you already have, to the rental of some others. Large, heavy or very old furniture should disappear. Add focal points with vivid color hues like vases, cushions, pictures to plants and rugs. Take advantage of the space with the best arrangement of furniture, define areas in the same room; and even illuminate the rooms in the best way. All this for the best staging.

Hire the photographs of the house and write the ad

The fierce competition in the real estate market and the enormous supply are two facts that determine that the advertisement is crucial when it comes to selling a home if you have a certain urgency. You will need professional photographs.

To some sellers it might seem a bit excessive, but it is not. After the sale price, the quality of the photographs of your ad is the factor that decides the interest of potential buyers, already during the first seconds. Once it is established that the photos in your ad can be the difference between selling or not, you surely see it with different eyes, right?

You can’t afford to miss out on buyers’ first impressions. The images must go through all the rooms of the house. Accept nothing less than quality photographs that show your home well-lit and inviting. A good framing works miracles.

In the writing of the ad you should make a detailed description of all the strengths. From describing the locality in which it is located to any advantage of the property, the lighting at dawn or dusk, the view from your windows. Do not be afraid to put what you like about the area, the tranquility, the neighborhood, the vegetation. In the ads you can add additional information such as the plan of the house or a video.

Prepare for the visits

Learn to use the smell of home, fight the odors of your pet and baking bread or cookies is an old and infallible trick. Do not be dismayed! Even if you have shown the house many times already, prepare with equal eagerness for each visit. Be sure to make the beds and make the bathrooms shine. This could be the visit of success!

we offer expert advice to help you if you need to sell the house urgently .

Although the aspect should not be the most relevant in a real estate sale, but the area in square meters, its structural elements and the location, the truth is that the experts believe that it does have enormous importance, therefore if you need to sell the property urgent home, do not hesitate to follow these tips.